Hello! I'm Ellen, I own and bake all of the macarons at Jollie Macarons. Graduated in chemistry but I've always had passion for baking. All my experience in laboratory, meticulous work, have helped with my baking journey. Everything started in 2013, when I was living in Perth (Australia). Self taught, I was baking for friends and family. Overwhelmed with positive feedback, I was driven to take my hobby seriously.

When did my passion for baking French macarons begin?

On my first birthday in the USA back in 2017 I ordered half dozen of macarons to add to my birthday cake. Those macarons were not the best ones that I had tried. At that moment, I was determined to create my own macaron recipe. It took me quite a few tries and recipe adjustments to get it just right.  After that, I fell in love with these delightful, delicate and versatile French cookies.


Currently in Raleigh, NC we offer a range of French macarons with endless flavor options.​

Making it with love in every step to guarantee the best macarons for our clients.

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